Refund Policy

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  1. Once an order has been placed, it cannot be cancelled.
  2. We are not liable if the voting period expires early, votes are removed by the administrator or the contest link stops working.
  3. Clients must email the Contest link and details as stated on the “How Do I Place an Order” page and on each Service page. If the customer fails to provide the necessary information, we will not be held liable.
  4. We are only responsible for delivering votes that have been ordered. We do not promise the contest’s result since it can be removed by the administrator. Any such votes will be regarded as delivered by us.
  5. It is recommended that buyers order enough votes to win the award.
  6. Only if we fail to produce the votes and the score falls below 5 points can the order be refunded.

Note: We are not liable for any orders placed by mistake, and we ask that you only put an order if you adhere to our terms and conditions. Any orders placed by mistake will not be refunded.

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